Orion Sales Support – Sales Training for the Staffing Industry

Brad Williams
Sales Development Manager

Orion Sales support is an experienced sale training company that has been developed to meet the needs of sales development within the staffing industry. This is a business that has a high turnover typically in the sales department. Our goal is to develop sales people so they have the training to have a long and prosperous career in the staffing industry.

We want your sales team to understand the staffing business and sales development so well that they become the most valuable employee you have in your company. 


Business Communication Skills Bring Infinite Possibilities and Endless Opportunities

Our Sales Training Services and Tools Include

  • Training Manuals Developed for the Staffing Industry
  • 1-Day Workshops for Training and Support
  • In-Field One-on-One Training with New Representatives
  • Email support
  • Phone support

Brad Williams and his staff provided our company with quality and usable sales training material that has helped give our staff the edge and increased our conversions and delivered happy and thankful customers.

Josh Gordon
Sales Training Support

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